A Long Time Coming

In the beginning there was a short story. Yep, that’s how The Stone’s Blade got its start. In some ways the scary part is that I wrote the short story when I was fourteen. In hindsight, the fact the characters of Anyala, Kela and Renloret have never left me alone–for very long at least. My eighth grade English teacher told me I had some talent and I should think about doing more writing. I’m going to have to find my grade reports from back then to find out exactly who that teacher was. I just remember being told I might have a talent for writing.

The characters have visited me off and on over the years. I was introduced to the character of Taryn in college when the short story became a possible novel and General Stubin Dalkey got his name while on a writing retreat in late 1990’s. That was a great conversation with fellow writer Chris Richards in a cabin at my brother’s bed & breakfast lodge (Mount Elbert Lodge, outside of Twin Lakes, Colorado). Perhaps I will explain the origins of some character names in another post.

The characters have often not bothered me for years, particularly when my children were small and needed focused attention. By the mid 1990’s they started appearing in dreams, reminding me of their existence and that I should pay attention to their needs not just my family’s. I took the first chapters to The Southwest Writers Conferences in Albuquerque and was met with positive reactions. I began to think I might be able to get it published.


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