P.O.V. & R.U.E Choices

I am approximately three quarters of the way through a massive editing cycle on book one, The Blood, of the The Stone’s Blade Series. I have cut almost 30 pages and 4,000 words from the ‘original’ manuscript. Still have 15 chapters to go (about 100 pages) in the process. The action is heating up in the story line and so is the POV problem. One of my questions is: How much does the reader need to know to understand what is happening? This brings up my second question and interesting choices on my part: Who’s point of view is best for what scene? I have written a couple of scenes from as many as three different POV’s and then tried to decide which is best. I am not sure all my choices are the best. However, I do know/believe that my POV is not changing every other paragraph and I am cutting out a bunch of perhaps too much explanation. I am leaving it up to the reader to figure out how/why some characters behave the way they do. I am not delving into each and every character’s thoughts or reasonings or backgrounds to explain. I am learning to leave much of that on the cutting room floor. I am praying this is making the story better so you will enjoy it more. But sometimes I’d really like to know exactly how much you need to know. I know you may want to know more but I do have to get on with the story and I have to learn to be heartless and mean and not explain every thing. Enough of a short rant on POV and Resisting the Urge to Explain (R.U.E. for writers or anyone thinking about becoming a writer), I do have to get back to editing.


Author: TimberDark Writer

Simply, I am passionate about writing and dancing. I also love reading, quilting and hunting. I have written stories since childhood. I have a degree in English, taught in a parochial school, substituted K-12, raised three daughters, coached and refereed youth soccer, square danced since I was seven, and created and hand quilted award winning quilts. When not writing I assist my husband teach square dancing 3-4 times a week, co-coach an historical dance exhibition team and I hunt with my family and friends to fill the freezer. I have two award winning novels. "The Blood,"published in May 2014 is a multiple award winner, placing third in both the Science Fiction and Fantasy categories of the 2014 EVVY Awards, from Colorado Independent Publishers Association and received a four star review by Foreword Clarion Review in May 2016. The second novel, "The Balance", was published in September 2016, placed second in Science Fiction in the 2017 EVVY Awards. Both books are available on Amazon and in the young adult fiction shelves at The Tattered Cover Book Store in the Denver, Colorado metro area. Book three of the series, "The Blades" is under construction. My TimberDark Writer blog is a part of my writing process. You are invited to share in the journey. Contact me at Allynn@Timberdark.com or on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TimberdarkPublications/

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