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10 Tips for Dealing with Crazy People Who Don’t Accept Change as Gracefully as You Do

Sometimes we all feel that people who don’t think like we do are crazy. They just don’t seem to get it! Well here are some tips for trying to deal with them:

1. Try to listen more if you are an extrovert (you get your energy from being around people). Try to talk more if you are an introvert (you get your energy from spending time alone).

2. Keep an open mind. You might not always be right. (I know, it’s a long shot, but….)

3. Take responsibility for yourself. (You can’t control them-only you.) Know when they are really too difficult to work with – not everyone is someone you want to spend a lot of time with.

4. Try empathy – they really might be going through something horrible and their insanity is only temporary.

5. Treat others with respect. (The Golden Rule) We often get back what we give out.

6. Always praise good work – a sincere compliment costs you nothing and goes a long way. Sometimes this goes a long way in helping a person become less crazy.

7. Be patient – some people can’t grasp concepts and ideas as quickly as you can.

8. Consider a different method of communication – texting and e-mail are easy to miscommunicate with. Try the phone. Better yet, consider a face-to-face conversation. (Just make sure they wear their straight jacket.)

9. Give other people a break; they may not be as excited, as sweet, as smart, or as perfect as you. And the day may come when you’re not as excited, as sweet, as smart or as perfect as they are.

10. Give yourself a break – all you can do is be yourself and do your best. You won’t get along with everyone, and that’s okay.

5 Tips for Keeping Your Cool No Matter What
1. Take a deep breath. Before you do anything, take a breath as deep as you can. This will keep you from responding immediately. When we’re upset, our immediate response is usually not our best response. There is a lot of power in pausing.

2. Make sure this is your fight/issue. Sometimes we may feel strongly about something, but it really isn’t our fight. Ask yourself – is this going to impact me in a significant way? If the answer is no, let it go.

3. Don’t let yourself get too hungry, tired or overburdened. Let’s face it, if you are exhausted or starving or stressed out, you’re a ticking bomb. Forget about keeping your cool, now you have to worry about staying out of jail!

4. Talk slowly and calmly and keep your voice low. Sometimes this is all I can do. I want to scream, but faking calm seems to calm me down. I also don’t want to look like the crazy person I really am.

5. Allow more time for everything. When I am in a mad rush, everything sets me off – the blockhead who is driving the speed limit on the highway, the madwoman searching for change in the bottom of her purse, and don’t get me started on TSA agents! But when I have plenty of time, I don’t even notice these things. I can joke with people who I would consider killing if I had less time.

Bonus – think of something you are grateful for – your health, your kids, your freedom – gratitude changes your mindset instantly.

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