Thoughtful discussion of self pub vs Big 6

Just read an interview of Hugh Howey on JA Konrath’s blog. Check it out for interesting thoughts on independent and self publishing. Best quote: “. . . we need entertaining storytelling.” We don’t need a preponderance of sex, violence, or foul language to tell an entertaining story.

A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing                   


A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing                   


Facebook page changes

Hello all,

After months of thinking about it I changed the name of my Facebook page from The Stone’s Blade to a more appropriate Timberdark Publications, LLC. This means that you can get to that page by searching for This change allows me to be comfortable writing about all my writing and not just focused on the one series. I’m looking forward to expanding the writings and discussion as my list grows. So go check out the Facebook page and let me know your thoughts as I progress to publication.