Necessary heart/head aches – editing

Oh, the pain and exhilaration of editing. Cutting The Blood from 107,900+ words to 88,667 was excruciating but I learned about writing in the process. And it is a process you can’t do alone. Three major edits have produced a much tighter story. With assistance from an independent editor and writing coach and a couple of friendly readers willing to put their reactions and questions to paper, The Blood will be going off to an official proofreader within the next week for an estimate on time and cost. I understand how an author can absolutely know that a manuscript is done to perfection and then spend the next 18 months actually getting it closer. No manuscript will be without error but a good author who believes in the story they have written will make every effort to make it the best possible before it gets printed for others to enjoy. Read Mark Stevens’ blog from Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers:


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