New Schedule Challenge

Mondays are not my favorite way to start the week. However, just to kick my own butt in gear I am going to work on posting a little something each Monday no later than 4 pm. This is a small inroads into building a new schedule to hopefully be more consistent with a lot of things. This morning it was just chilly enough to start a new schedule of 30 minutes of power yoga at home then head to the gym for a new aqua fitness class. Last Friday I tried (rather the instructor stole my lap lane for her class when I was 50 yards into a mile swim) my first aqua fitness group class. I figured why not since I couldn’t use the lap lane any more and it was still in the water. Plus, water and my imagination get along great (this is another topic worth blogging about, perhaps next week). Besides, the probable stress fracture in my foot wouldn’t mind a full hour off instead of the 30 minutes it usually takes me to swim a mile. So I doubled my time in the water and got a vigorous workout to boot! I decided to make this aqua fitness class part of my personal challenge. So, this morning I hopped in and got another good workout without stressing my foot too much. I also have added a fifteen minute dry sauna after each swim – that’s supposed to be good for your skin among other things. So after that I returned home to check e-mail, Facebook, and two of the blogs I follow. I wrote comments for a book discussion on Goodreads. Though about purchasing three more books for my Kindle shelf – may wait until after February first on that. Still have four books I haven’t gotten to on the Kindle so don’t want to get too far ahead of myself in the reading department. Then I decided to distract myself with a round of laundry and ironing before tackling this blog. Then I will be headed for editing and adding to book two of my Stone’s Blade series, The Balance. The water is hot and ready for the cinnamon orange tea from Awful Annie’s and then I will be in the proper mood for writing until it’s time to get dinner ready before going to teach dance with husband, Bob.

Now that I look at that schedule which I have accomplished most of already I am thinking that each Monday just might be a lot of fun and be a perfect way to start each week. Do you have set schedules of differing activities to you can get numerous things completed and not feel like you are skipping something important. I am loving the writing time but I also need to be aware of my personal fitness. A fit body contributes to a fit brain. If I am feeling physically well then I will write well.