Trad vs Indie Publishing – which one would you choose?

Hilari Bell expresses some of the same feelings, good and bad, I have been having about the independent publishing business. Her dual experience with traditional and independent publishers is enlightening. The same things happen but when an author is able to be so close to the process (through doing it independently) they often come out of the experience with a better understanding of  the why’s and why not’s. Read her post on this topic:

I am finding the experience of being fully involved to be invigorating and challenging. It is more expensive on the outset but with a great support group I hope to do more than break even, though that is what I  plan on for the first book. Like Ms. Bell, I am excited to see what the next book(s) I write will bring into my life. I have already experienced a large learning curve – still on that ride! – and it has been and should be exhilarating. I know there will be disappointments but the upside is that the rewards and successes of doing this on my own will far out weigh those downs. Plus I have gotten the chance to meet some remarkable and talented people.

Have you had the opportunity, like Ms. Bell, to publish in both Traditional and Indie processes? Which has been more fulfilling – emotionally and financially? Stay close by and follow this roller coaster ride of an author doing it her way.


Waiting – must practice waiting – is it ready yet?

Waiting. It’s the most difficult thing to do well. I am not very good. I want to tell everyone to hurry, hurry, hurry – move faster, skim it, just give me an answer, show me how to do it NOW. Instead of trying to coerce the experts into faster action, I talk to myself while in the shower, while driving for more than ten minutes at a stretch, while doing a treadmill workout at 3.8 miles per hour at level ten, even while trying to be still for fifteen to twenty minutes in a dry sauna. I assume all of that keeps me from being a pest via e-mail, Facebook posting, or any other way I could communicate with either the editor (who’s all done on my stuff at the moment and waiting, just like me, for the next round of layout editing), the proofreader (see the editor status), and the book designer.

He’s the one I’m waiting on. What I have seen of his work so far has been a delight with very few problems. He has been attentive to suggestions and explained the why’s when asked. I do know how much time it takes to get a project like this done well. I want him to take his time, to check every page, every paragraph, every instance of italics, which are the bane of book designers I’ve been told – and there are a lot of italics in The Blood. They are there for a reason so each one is needed. And I know that it has been barely three weeks since I received a pdf of the first four chapters. Oh, my so beautiful! I can’t wait to hold it, to page through it, to show you how he has made my imagination visible. I also know his schedule is full — I am not his only client. I must be calm (but the EVVY deadline is only six weeks away!!) and supportive (please hurry, I’m so nervous) and patient (I want it perfect right now!!).

Maybe I should take another long hot shower or a drive to Gunnison for the scenery or . . . wait. Must practice waiting.

Is it ready yet? 

Blogging Practices

Hugh Howey has a good list of do’s and don’t’s for blogging. His list is pretty long and while most of them are important, I am working on a select few at a time. You can’t do a good job of writing if you are trying to do everything at the same time. Focus on a couple for a while to get comfortable before adding to your personal list. I particularly focus on Don’t #10. Don’t hit publish until after one last review. This is actually on my Do list. I do try to wait up to 24 hours before returning to a blog I’ve written to re-read it carefully. Then I push the publish button. If for some reason I can’t wait 24 hours I will take a short walk, through in a load of laundry or do some ironing or do a cycle of weight lifting and then re-read.

Check out the link below to read his Problogger post.