Blogging Practices

Hugh Howey has a good list of do’s and don’t’s for blogging. His list is pretty long and while most of them are important, I am working on a select few at a time. You can’t do a good job of writing if you are trying to do everything at the same time. Focus on a couple for a while to get comfortable before adding to your personal list. I particularly focus on Don’t #10. Don’t hit publish until after one last review. This is actually on my Do list. I do try to wait up to 24 hours before returning to a blog I’ve written to re-read it carefully. Then I push the publish button. If for some reason I can’t wait 24 hours I will take a short walk, through in a load of laundry or do some ironing or do a cycle of weight lifting and then re-read.

Check out the link below to read his Problogger post.


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