Trad vs Indie Publishing – which one would you choose?

Hilari Bell expresses some of the same feelings, good and bad, I have been having about the independent publishing business. Her dual experience with traditional and independent publishers is enlightening. The same things happen but when an author is able to be so close to the process (through doing it independently) they often come out of the experience with a better understanding of  the why’s and why not’s. Read her post on this topic:

I am finding the experience of being fully involved to be invigorating and challenging. It is more expensive on the outset but with a great support group I hope to do more than break even, though that is what I  plan on for the first book. Like Ms. Bell, I am excited to see what the next book(s) I write will bring into my life. I have already experienced a large learning curve – still on that ride! – and it has been and should be exhilarating. I know there will be disappointments but the upside is that the rewards and successes of doing this on my own will far out weigh those downs. Plus I have gotten the chance to meet some remarkable and talented people.

Have you had the opportunity, like Ms. Bell, to publish in both Traditional and Indie processes? Which has been more fulfilling – emotionally and financially? Stay close by and follow this roller coaster ride of an author doing it her way.


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