First Chapter must haves

First Chapter must haves

A great list from C. S. Lakin. Use it to set your book up for success from the very beginning. I just checked the first chapter of my scifi/fantasy book releasing next week (I hope) and I could cross off almost all of them – in the first chapter not the first page. This list will also be a big help on the second book of the series. I have the middle set up just fine but the opening chapters have been a struggle. Thank you for posting. I will use it frequently.


Releasing in May 2014: The Blood

Releasing in May 2014: The Blood

As my first novel approaches publication (early May 2014)I have been asked when and where I am going have an official launch party. Having never been to a launch party for a book I am in need of some ideas and suggestions how to launch a scifi/fantasy book aimed at YA and adults. How long should I wait after publication to hold such an event? Local book store suggested at least three months to see how the book does. Another question concerns the fact that is book is independently published so I do not have a large or even medium sized publishing house to back me up (if that was even an option). I will be doing this on my own (with the help of some enthusiastic friends and family). What are your thoughts?

How to Promote a Book: What They Don’t Tell You

Now that The Blood is getting so close to publication I need to improve on my plans for actual launching the book. Rachel Rueben’s post reminds me to add several things to my list. Expanding the networks I already have on Facebook and LinkedIn are just the beginning. For those of you at a similar point in your publishing efforts here’s a place to begin.