Reviewing Restrictions – What’s taking so long?

Time flies when you are having fun, correct? Well, I am having fun but the past month seems to be dragging a bit. I keep telling myself that “The Blood” has only been available for twenty-three days so what do I have to be concerned about. I know ten e-books have been purchased – yeah! And the print version supposedly became available today, May 30th so I should not expect any type of increase in sales, yet, correct? What should my expectations be? I have not delusions of grandeur – I am fairly certain I am not the next Andre Norton or J.K. Rowling so, again, what should I expect?

I want to expect one hundred books a month. That’s just a bit over three books a day. How do I get that? I’m told to invite my friends to purchase, to read and to post their reviews of “The Blood” on Amazon, on Goodreads, on Facebook, on whatever else they are connected to. How long should I give my friends to read and then post a review? I can’t demand any action I can only request, nicely, that when they get a chance to post something honest about their reaction to “The Blood”. I’ve gotten one so far; thank you Nancy. Have the other nine readers of the e-book not finished yet? When I see a review on other books there is a statement that “This is a verified purchase”. Now, I’ve received a few e-mails from extended family members who have read it but I don’t know if they have tried to post their comments on any kind of forum. Is there a restriction on Amazon against family members commenting on my book? If yes, would this mean that any one with the last name of Riggs cannot post a review?

What about the over sixty people who have purchased “The Blood” directly from me? So far most of them have offered comments face-to-face. I love the reactions! Can they post a review on Amazon if they have not purchased a book from Amazon? I am certain that they can post reviews on Goodreads but I only have eleven ‘friends’ on Goodreads so I don’t necessarily understand how that all works. Can people comment on my book on my LinkedIn page or my personal Facebook page or my ‘business’ Facebook page ( Do these personal sales get added anywhere other than the list I have? According to exterior social media etc. only ten people have actually acquired my book – that’s not necessarily a great showing (though it has not yet been a full month). I am planning to set a limited time sale on the e-book starting sometime in June so perhaps I’ll see an increase then.

Now that I’ve written all this I think I am overreacting. No one knows me or the story begun in “The Blood”. It takes time to build an audience and I’ve only just begun. I am technologically challenged and can only handle a bit at a time – which it probably a good thing. One step at a time, girl. I also want to wait until after the EVVY Awards in late August. “The Blood” has been entered in five categories and it may place in at least one of them so I could use that to jump start another round of advertising based on that, correct?

In the meantime check out the e-book at if you haven’t already. Use the “Look Inside” to read a sample. Let me know what you think. Do you have any questions? I have one for you: What’s taking you so long?


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