The Blood’s Countdown Deal & Self Promotion Questions

“The Blood (The Stone’s Blade, #1)” is halfway through its first Goodreads Countdown Deal. Today, Wednesday, June 11, 2014 the e-book is available at $4.99. Then tomorrow is goes up to $5.99 and on Friday up to $6.99. Get it today for the best current deal! I am learning so much about promotion. I spend about one hour a day checking progress, posting comments and reminders on Facebook, Goodreads, LinkedIn, and almost as important face -to-face with people I meet. I can only handle these four pieces of social media/contact as I need to spend the rest of my time working on book two of The Stone’s Blade series, The Balance. So far, including the ten book giveaway I can verify almost one hundred books sold (about fifteen of those are e-books) in the first six weeks since publication. I am fairly sure I am reaching the maximum I can sell locally through my friend and acquaintance network. So now I have to start concentrating on all the other ways to get the word out about “The Blood”. (checkout )

For a person who is technologically challenged the past two months have been a whirlwind of decisions. At least I am doing a few things, making the effort. What I need to figure out now is how do I expand my network to include the networks and connections of all of my friends – there by increasing my efforts 100 fold. My problem with this is I have to ask you, my friends, to repost my posts and links to all of your friends on all of your social media and for some reason that seems narcissistic in a big way. Is it? Can I promote “The Blood” without being narcissistic?

I really do believe “The Blood” is a great story and I want to share it with everyone. My friends lists seem pathetically small compared to most of my friends who have 500 and way more friends (even my husband who lurks on a minimum number of social media outlets has five times the number of friends). Is my problem that I am uncomfortable promoting myself and my book rather than the overall theme of buy and read more books by independent publishers?

I even hesitate to like or comment on everyone’s posts as I think it may lessen the impact of my likes. Should I re-think this? Many would tell me that I have to let it go and just start commenting and liking when I do like or want to comment on someone’s post. I want to engage in the conversations but will my comments be seen as just noise or will I be able to say something worthwhile to someone? Do all my comments have to be studied for thirty minutes before I click on ‘Post’? I could spend all day working on only a few comments. Is this a wise thing to do? Shouldn’t I be spending my time working on book two?



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