Denver Comic Con Adventures and Future Possibilities

Today at my youngest daughter’s invitation I had the opportunity to attend the Denver Comic Con! Totally new experience. Observed everything, talked a little, listened a lot. There was even a weapons check-in area where all kinds of weapons were okayed to be carried (or not) in the convention center. I found that I wondered how people would dress up if they wanted to “be” one or more of the characters from The Stone’s Blade series. My daughter and I speculated by picking out costumed people. I decided that dressing up as one of the Stones would be the most difficult, though of course, you could carry them around. The interesting thing is the juxtaposition of space travel technology and the weapons being mainly swords and knives (Renloret hints that lasers are considered illegal as weapons). Oh, one positive is that I may have to get another dog to take around representing Kela (I would actually love that!).

In all the following my daughter around I got the chance to talk to a couple of authors who had booths. Again, I wondered whether, someday, I might have my own booth at a Comic Con. I have always thought I had no delusions of grandeur or extreme success, that I am well grounded in reality – except that I write fantasy and science fiction ;), that all I really hope for is to break even on the expenditures of this venture and have fun doing it. Now, I wonder.

I did have an informative discussion about the publishing world with David Farland (author of “Drawing on the Power of Resonance in Writing” self-published, a large number of fantasy books from Tor Publishers, and several series’ from WordFire Press in Colorado Springs). After finding out I had just published my first full length novel, he encouraged me to sign up for one of his workshops and perhaps even attending his writing seminar in February 2015. I purchased “Book 1 of The Serpent Catch Series, Spirit Walker” and the “. . . Power of Resonance in Writing”. I think I have checked out several of his fantasy offerings from the library but am not sure. This “Spirit Walker” has an interesting premise and I look forward to reading it. Mr. Farland signed both books – one: “Dare to dream!”, the other: “May all your writing adventures reach a fantastic conclusion!”

Again, do I dare wonder and dream about possibilities – even though I’m a realist who writes fantasy?

Proof of attendance and having fun with Devin and 75,000 other characters.

Proof of attendance and having fun with Devin and 75,000 other characters.


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