“The Blood” is on The Shelves at Tattered Cover Book Store!

As an independently published author I am honored to announce that The Blood: The Stone’s Blade, #1, is on the shelves at all three locations of The Tattered Cover Book Store in the Denver, Colorado area. This independent book store supports local authors in an amazing way. They place three books at each location – one copy is prominently displayed on a special “Rocky Mountain Authors” shelf and the other two are in the appropriate genre section. Each book is vetted by their local author coordinator and must pass through a series of physical checks before it is reviewed. These physical checks include the presence of proper bar coding and price placement, industry standard copyright page, the title and author’s name must appear on the spine, and the cover should be appealing and meet visual standards for the genre. Each must have an ISBN, too. Once those have been examined then it is read/reviewed internally before they decide if the book should be requested. There is a small administrative fee to pay for the time staff members use to review and then place the information in their tracking system. The Blood passed all of these and here’s the proof on the shelves at the Highlands Ranch location.


If you live in the Denver, Colorado area or are passing through – take the time to check out all the great offerings from the local authors – and buy “The Blood” to enjoy reading on your travels.

Also, check out http://alturl.com/fbn43 for direct link on Amazon.com. Use the “Look Inside” feature to read the first four chapters. Get your hands on this beautiful book. You will find yourself wanting to read it again and again. Please take the time to review it on Amazon and Goodreads. Readers are looking for good books – this is one of them.






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