Reviews That Make Me Think

One thing I am learning is that reviewers have a way of saying things that get my imagination running in the best pathways. Little, seemingly simple comments bring to light possible loose ends which can be tied up or at least discussed in future volumes; even underlying thought processes of characters can be turned into intriguing conflicts (external and internal). I am enjoying the reviews I am getting on Goodreads. Here’s a recent one from one of the Giveaway winners (Darlene) of The Blood: Stone’s Blade, #1:


The child is the cure, the five-sun-cycles-old child and her blood may be their only hope for a future. Even cloning, evidence shown that all females are hard-coded to develop the disease should they become pregnant through the cloning process. They need a true cure the commander’s daughter is their only hope. Renloret rescue mission pilot to seek, The Blood. A crash in the canyon, Kela waking Ani but Kela is not there. Telepathic mode? Ani feeling ill upon the crash site, headaches, adrenline grip around her heart, seeing waves of colors, purple, yellow and blue, faint shades of green. Holo-cams? Conceal part of the crash site, but why? Taryn, the sheriff, hoped Renloret would be worthy, if he was, Taryn would stand next to him as a friend; if not, he’d just kill him. He smiled to himself, yes, he could do either. Choosing between two worlds, hmm…….something Renloret has to choose or does Ani? Fables and tales, lack of respect for the stones and singers. Renloret hears the voices, hear the stories, again why? He finds himself too curious for his own good.

Very good sci-fi story, the storyline excellent and flowed so smoothly, easy to follow page after page. The characters were believable and fitted well with what the author was trying to capture in this story, spot on. Enough action and excitement mixed in the dancing and singing, complete. How did the author fit in mind reading between Ani and Kela and to top it off a dog. Now that took some imagination there. Kela had a big role in this book, comical at times. I kind of equate this sci-fi to stories back in the 1970’s, same genre. Classic read and very enjoyable and one story to peak your curiosity and keep it peaked until you reach the end. Won this book on Goodreads, First Read Giveaway. Thank you,


Which of Darlene’s comments has me excited about the storylines for books two and three? I am making changes to tentative outlines as I type. Darlene has asked at least one question which has actually been in the background of the overall story. I am not sure how I’m going to solve it or even if it will be solved. Have you figured it out? Do you have a question or comment?