“The Blood” is a Multi-Category Winner!!

Such an exciting event on Saturday at the Colorado Independent Publishers Association’s EVVY 20th Annual Awards. My book “The Blood: The Stone’s Blade, #1” was nominated in four categories of the awards. I am delighted to share with you that I took third place in Science Fiction and third place in Fantasy. The cover design received a merit award.

2014 EVVY Fantasy - the Blood
3rd Place EVVY Award for Fantasy

It is an unexpected honor. Ones I have perhaps hoped for but have difficulty believing that any one outside of immediate family or close friends really honestly enjoys the stories I write. Especially since this is my first novel length work. My editor, Melanie Mulhall, my proofreader, Helena Mariposa, and my cover & interior designer, Nathan Fisher, all have told me I have something special to offer readers with the stories of Ani, Kela, Taryn, and Renloret (and perhaps others).

3rd Place EVVY Award for Science Fiction
3rd Place EVVY Award for Science Fiction
2014 EVVY Merit for Cover Design - The Blood
Merit Award for Cover Design – 2014 EVVY Awards

If you want to read good stories – which just won a couple of prestigious awards – then get started by reading The Blood: The Stone’s Blade, #1. It is available at the three locations of Tattered Cover in Denver, the Bookworm in Gunnison, McDonald Books in Estes Park, and on Amazon as a paperback and an e-book.

Start your own Stone’s Blade series collection today. With your purchase of the paperback, you will have a work of art on your shelf. This award winning cover has many subtle items to hold your interest. Did you know that cover designer, Nathan Fisher, designed a special “blade” font specifically for this series? Which planet is shown on the back cover? Which is on the front? How do you know? Why are the O’s in Blood green? Send me your answers in the comment section. The first five to get all four correct will win special EVVY Award stickers to place on the cover of their book.





The EVVY Awards – “The Blood” is a finalist!

EVVY Award logo 2014Basically, I can state: my science fiction/fantasy book, The Blood: The Stones Blade, #1, is a finalist in at least two of the five categories in which it was entered. I am still waiting on the results for the other three categories as to whether it made it through to be a finalist. The award ceremony is just over two weeks away on August 23, 2014 and I can’t seem to hold back and be patient. I have been checking the CIPA website once a day though I was told it could be as late as the 15th before the other category finalists are announced.(That’s a whole eight days from now!) I’m not sure I can wait that long!

I am delighted to announce that Nathan Fisher of Sci-Fi Book Cover Designer (www.scifibookcoverdesigner.com) entered The Blood for his cover design and his interior design. Congratulations to Nathan for designing one of the most beautiful covers I’ve seen on the shelves. There is so much to see on that cover, too! So many little details waiting to be changed just a bit for when book two, The Balance, is ready. Make sure you have a paperback copy so you can enjoy this fine piece of artwork. If you are looking for a cover artist for your upcoming science fiction or fantasy piece, check out his website and contact Nathan. If you believe in what you have written make every effort to have it covered in a piece of art.

When I dropped off the books to be dispersed to the judges, the publisher, Joe, who was collecting the 270+ entries, was impressed with the unique interior design as well. He wondered aloud if Nathan would be upset if Joe used a similar technique for the chapter heading design on a book his company was designing. I hope that Nathan’s efforts garner him two awards – His sense of the story and knowledge of sci-fi and fantasy readers and their expectations have given me the opportunity to entice the reader visually as well as enhancing the text at the opening of each chapter. Nathan has figured out how to make my imagination visible. That is the gift of a true artist.

My editor, Melanie Mulhall of Dragonheart Editing and Writing, is expecting to announce that her entry of The Blood in the editing category will also be a finalist. She is meticulous and exacting – almost to the point of frustration on my part. However, she is not just an editor. Melanie is a writing coach with amazing talent and she often connects with her clients on an intuitive or spiritual level. An added benefit is that she enjoys a great cup of tea and I’ve been pleased to share cinnamon orange tea from Awful Annie’s with her. If you don’t know what that means you need to read not just the story but the acknowledgment. Her website is http://www.DragonheartWritingandEditing.com).

The last two categories I entered The Blood in were Fiction: Science Fiction and Fiction: Fantasy. Since it is a crossover between the two genres I had to cover my options by entering in both. Whether it wins or not I am delighted that the Colorado Independent Publishers Association continues to support self-publishing with these awards. One of the longest running awards for independent publishing, The EVVY Awards, bring to light hidden jewels in the publishing business. Come along for the ride. Own The Blood before it wins it’s first award. Then you can say, “I was one of the first.” You have until August 23, 2014 so get it now! Click http://alturl.com/fbn43 to get your copy and let me know what you think.

Revealing History Slowly

Just read a great article in Sept 2014 issue of “The Writer Magazine”, by Andrew Welsh-Huggins, his article titled “Got Your Back” has me rethinking the current opening chapters of “The Balance”. I think I am retelling too much from book one, “The Blood”. I must not tell everything that happened just enough to get the reader up to date on some basics while setting the stage for the action in “The Balance”. 

I am curious as to how you reveal back story, especially if it is #2, #3, or even #7 of a series? How much is too much? Do you say anything at all?