How to Entice Me Back Inside A Bookstore

An insightful blog from Hughy on how large chain bookstores can entice people to become customers once again by providing a welcoming environment for readers, writers, even publishers. I’m not going to a bookstore to just walk down aisles of books, grab one and leave. I want to experience those books, feel them in my hands, see the covers. I would love to curl up in a comfy chair and study those books I have chosen to sample. At my age the chairs are much more comfortable than trying get up off the floor in the tight aisle. Tea and coffee stations sound heavenly – maybe even a plateful of cookies at various time of the year – I’ll even bring some to share!

Barnes & Noble on the Brink

The longer a store can get me to stay within their walls, the more books I’m likely to purchase and the more often I’m likely to come. Plus I will let others know.

What are your thoughts about big bookstore chains catering to book readers and writers instead of the big five Publishers ad campaigns pushing books you are not interested in.