Balancing Act While Editing “The Balance” & Loose Ends

I am 30 pages into the first round of editing book 2 of The Stone’s Blade series, The Balance. Because of the plethora of Point of View’s that rambled through the rough draft of the first installment (I think we counted 13) I am checking to verify that there are no more than five Points of View in The Balance and that they are the only PofV in each scene. No sneaking in Renloret’s thoughts in a scene from Ani’s PofV. Already caught one of these. The first part is obviously in worse shape than the later parts. This I believe is the remnants of having started on The Balance during 2012’s NaNoWriMo and I just wrote scenes in no particular order. This was definitely a different method of writing but it was fun. I discovered a new antagonist who will play a surprising role in book three, The Blades. BUT, the non-sequentialness of the scenes wrecked havoc when I started to really work on the second book after publication of The Blood. I believe I have rearranged most of those scenes and was able to finish the story arc for The Balance about a week ago.

So, I spent the last week working on back cover blurb, character bios and finally wrote the series arc. As I am working my way through the opening scenes I find myself asking just how many loose ends from The Blood do I tie up and when in The Balance? I made my list and I think I have those covered. Which ones would you like to know about in this second installment?

Squirrel - so what are you doin tonight - from Pixabay
What do you want to know?

I am also using different colored sticky notes on a white board to indicate the order of scenes as currently written and from who’s PofV. This will give me a visual sense of whether I have too many scenes from character and not enough from another’s. I had thought that this might be difficult for me but I’m rather enjoying it now that I have gone beyond the first couple of scenes. I believe it will work out – plus I am finding that book 3 is showing itself in more than fuzzy ideas (these are going into a colored coded document).

Fear is also raising its head. I am plagued with fear that those readers who enjoyed The Blood will not like The Balance and that I will fail to keep the story up to my own standards. I am guessing that most authors have similar feelings especially when writing a series. Of course that brings up the question of how many books will eventually be in The Stone’s Blade series – that’s another blog post as I must concentrate on completing The Balance to the very best of my abilities and then have my team help me polish it up for you to read.

Again, are there questions you have on The Blood that you want to have answered in The Balance?