E-mail Review of “The Blood” Encourages Author

Allynn: Rarely has a book (The Blood) kept me reading until 2:00A.M. purely on it’s own merit. A fantastic read. My Wife brought it back from the last C.I.P.A. (Colorado Independent Publishers Assoc.) meeting in Denver. 

 Thank You ,  Ted Fawcett

I was delighted to receive the above e-mail this morning, 1/28/2015. The CIPA meeting he mentioned was on January 17,  2015. His wife, an author and publisher, purchased the book from me after hearing my editor talk about the process we had gone through to get it to publication and that it had garnered three EVVY Awards in August 2014. She loved the cover & interior design and was intrigued by the story blurb on the back cover. I am glad she shared the book.The Blood - proof copy full cover 04-12-14

Ted’s reaction is similar to other readers who speak to me directly. So far I am more likely to receive a verbal review/reaction to The Blood than I am to receive an e-mail as above or a review posted on Goodreads or Amazon. How do I encourage readers to post their review/reaction? I feel awkward posting what they tell me in person as it feels like I am making it all up. Really, I would not do that. I have heard from many readers that they have stayed up very late to finish chapters or even the book after reading for an entire day. They couldn’t put it down.

It is an incredible feeling, knowing that something I have written has impacted the lives and sleeping habits of others. I hope that the second book, The Balance, is received as well. Planned publication for it is mid to late 2015. Much to the consternation of some I am not rushing through the process to get this second book out before it is truly ready. I am fortunate that the interior and main elements of the cover design are already set. That alone will save months of time.

If you want to find out why Ted stayed up so late, go to Amazon and use the “Look Inside” feature to read most of the first four chapters. You can then order the paperback and the Kindle versions. The Blood is also available through Tattered Cover Book Store in the Denver metro area and at The Bookworm in Gunnison, Colorado. Though aimed at ages 14 and up, several younger readers have expressed how much they have enjoyed the story. The parents of those younger readers were pleased that there was no overt sex or over-the-top violence, just a great story.

Have you posted a review lately? What did you think of The Blood? Have you shared your copy of The Blood with family members or friends? What one thing would you like to see in book two, The Balance?


“Books Are Now Forever”

Inspiration to write comes in many forms. Hugh Howey’s blog (see portion below) is inspiring. The realization that what I have written and will write in the coming decades will be available to any who find, read, hopefully enjoy and/or share it is not just a possibility but an exciting reality. By refusing to quit because agents didn’t respond or that the sci/fi and fantasy genres are overflowing with a multitude of bad, okay, good, and out-of-this-world great stories (literature), and the likelihood my book getting picked up by one of the big5 is extremely slim, I have crossed the bridge to the other side by doing it myself. I did not just slap something together, I paid attention to details by hiring excellent editors, proofreaders, and cover/interior designers. I have two P.O.D. printers to supply potential readers with beautiful paperbacks and the e-book design is top notch as well. My books are now forever.

From Hugh Howey’s blog:

“Write knowing that your works will never expire, and that no one can deny you the right to publication. This was the attitude fanzine authors used to stoke their passions for over a century (and still). It’s the power of this democratizing force. Books are now forever; they remain fresh; they’ll never go out of print. It’ll be decades before most people adequately appreciate this. Get ahead of them by writing today.”

To read the entire blog go here: http://hughhowey.com/Books-were-once-like-razor-blades/

What have you written today?


Why Is This So Difficult?

It is no wonder that many writers struggle with all the social media. I watch my daughters and husband whip through and around four and five different platforms with apparent ease while I spend an hour or more just trying to post an edited draft to my blog.

I think I need to update certain links but can’t figure out how to accomplish that. I know I saved the edited draft before I went looking for how to update the link and now I can’t find the draft to post. Frustrated with my inability to learn how to function within the limited social media sites I have chosen. Instead of trying to do it all I have deliberately limited myself to Facebook, LinkedIn, and WordPress, though I have been playing with another site for pure personal entertainment until I understand it better.

How many social media platforms are needed anyway? What are your focused platforms?