Now I’ve Done It – Or OMG I Sent the MS for Book #2 to the Editor

Writing a series is more difficult that a stand alone book and far more stressful. Happily, everyone who has read the book #1 apparently wants #2 ASAP. Lordy, do they know how long it took to write the first? Yah, you don’t want to know. And besides, I promised to have #2 out soon. Soon of course means sometime in 2015. Please be patient – good stuff takes time. No specific dates until files are sent to print-on-demand printers and Createspace for Amazon paperbacks as I have learned that the editing process is full of delays. Professional editors, proofreaders, designers etc. all have more than one (me) client to schedule and just because I’m ready for them does not mean they can stop what they are doing and concentrate on my project. And, now that I think about it, maybe I don’t want to hear right away how much work is ahead of me. And I know there’s a lot – not as much as I  am confident that I have a maximum of five POV characters and that alone should save me four to six months of rewriting time. I was actually thinking to cut it down to four but I like Kela’s POV in a few of the scenes. Though it might be possible by blending it with Ani’s, if Ani is in the scene. Possibilities are constantly popping up. That’s a bother. There are a lot of things I could do but . . .

Arches Ntnl Monument 5-05-14

It was time to let others see it. It wanted to go. The hardest part is knowing when to let it go to others. Don’t over think it. I could edit on my own for years – I already did that with #1. So now I’m ready for critiques, I think. I am anxious to know whether or not I’ve met reader expectations. Have I created a story that will last for at least four books. Is it still a good story? Do the characters evolve or change? Does Renloret realize he’s not late any more? Who gets together with whom?

Yep, that cliff is almost as high as the first one – the climb was shorter but a lot steeper and I didn’t have any safety lines on the way up. And the view is still awesome – still worth it.


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