Review Contest – Incentives to Boost Visibility

I am struggling with ways to increase the visibility of my award winning science fiction book, The Blood: The Stone’s Blade, #1. I’ve been bantering around several ideas with some fellow authors but haven’t decided what method to use – until I mentioned it to my husband, Bob. Now, while he won’t necessarily read a book, any book, for pleasure, he is definitely supporting my efforts in the publishing industry and is always encouraging. He has shown a surprising interest in the business side of my process and is quite helpful – when I can get his attention. Last night I had his attention and he came up with a great idea on how I can do two things at once – increase the visibility of my first book AND get the second title off to a running start. He first suggested that I give away one hundred books for free then after discussing the pros and cons of that we settled on signed copies of book two for the cost of printing and shipping – I make no profit but then I am not out over $800 either. As an independent publisher I’d like to break even at a minimum – sorry, but according to my husband, I am supposed to be running a business, too. There may be other products coming down the pipe-line as well for future incentives or for those review postings exceeding one hundred (working on designs for t-shirts or tea mugs with small bags of cinnamon tea from Awful Annie’s).

So here’s the deal:  I want to increase the number of reviews on and for The Blood: The Stone’s Blade, #1, so I am offering 100 signed copies of the upcoming second book, The Balance: The Stone’s Blade, #2 for a greatly reduced price (cost of printing plus shipping – not to exceed $8.00) direct from me in exchange for a verified honest review of The Blood: The Stone’s Blade, #1. If you have already purchased and read The Blood I encourage you to post your review on or You can notify me directly after you post so I can check it out and then I will contact you to put your information on a special reserve list.

Realizing that The Balance: The Stone’s Blade, #2 is currently planned for publication in late fall of 2015 I know it is a long time to wait but this offer goes out to the first 100 (yes, one hundred) reviews. I will send you a coupon after I see your review and will let you know ahead of time when The Balance will be published. By that time I will have the ability to use credit cards and possibly PayPal. Once you receive this second book I would ask that you also post reviews of it. Please pass this on to friends, encourage them to purchase, read, and then post their review.

Here’s the link at Amazon: especially if you want the first book on your Kindle or Kindle App.

Get to rereading if needed and post those reviews!! Contact me at or on Face Book at

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P.S. For those who have already posted a review – you are on my list. If you have posted to only Goodreads or to only Amazon, I encourage you to post to the other if possible. Reviews posted on blogs will also count so let me know. There’s already one out there on Fresh Fiction thanks to Clare! You may see this review by visiting <>. Contact me to verify your current contact information.