Thus the day goes

Writing, writing, rewriting, erasing, cutting & pasting, saving, forgetting where I wanted it to go, erasing, deleting (oh gosh did I just delete the entire chapter??), recovering from heart failure by pulling weeds in the garden, washing dirt off hands and knees so can touch key board, opening program (again), writing, rewriting, finding the missing piece – still haven’t figured out where it was supposed to go, erasing, pasting, saving, writing, . . .  Thus the day goes. So how is book two going?

Then the question “How is book two coming along?” enters every conversation, and I mean every conversation. Just because book one has been out for over one year (one year, three months, and six days if you really want to know) every one(who is NOT a writer) thinks I can whip off the next one in a couple of months all while working to get the first one off the ground. And I’m not going to tell them how long it took to write the first one – that’s too scary for me to think about. Yes, book two is not taking near that long but good things take time. I promise I am not just lazing around like some chipmunk waiting for a handout. I will let you know as soon as it’s out, I will even tell you how many book stores or places you can purchase it. I am sure I will have a stack of them in my car, too.

Yes, yes, I do very much appreciate how much you enjoyed the first and how much you are looking forward to reading the second. It is for that reason that I am working to make it worth while, make it enjoyable, make the characters hold true to themselves, work at adding just enough twists and turns and new information that you will be hounding me for book three less than one month after book two is published. I want this to be the very best it can be and the best takes time.

Want me to get to it sooner? Don’t stop talking about how much you enjoyed the first book  – tell everyone. Post your review on every social medium you’ve got. Even word of mouth is good. Tell your friends, co-workers, enemies, your dentist, your pediatrician, your children’s friends’ parents to pick it up at The Tattered Cover Book Store in Denver, at the Bookworm in Gunnison, at the Book Mine in Leadville, Hearthfire Books & Treats in Evergreen, (all locations are in Colorado) and perhaps check it out to read from the Custer County Library in Rapid City, SD. If not any where near those then you are encouraged to encourage them to get The Blood from Amazon – either as a paperback or on their Kindle or Kindle app. If you do all of this along with the limited time I have to keep spreading the news then I may have more time to concentrate on completing the editing of the second installment so that I may be able to make my self-imposed publication deadline of near the end of 2015. Only then are you allowed to start quizzing me about the third installment.

However, if you do keep in touch with me during this whole process you may be asked for your opinion on possible cover designs, or what kinds of things you might want to see in the second book that are not present in the first such as maps of my two worlds, character list with pronunciation guide. Let me know if you would be interested in seeing those.

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