Characters See Trees – Authors Create The Forest

Tuesdays are Write-in days. Generally around four hours of concentrated writing time with up to four other authors. We bounce ideas off each other, help with rewording, listen to rejection letters and acceptance letters, have word count races, share power protein snacks and lunch, and have long sections of time where we are all writing. It gives me a place to go do work.

Today I am researching differences/similarities between the language Of Lrakiran and Southern in “The Blood” so I can fix or redo, or hint at explanation of such in “The Balance” and upcoming #3, “The Blades.” Melanie, my stickler of an editor, and I have to get it all straight in our heads to keep it consistent throughout the series. And I have to write it all down for reference material later. The nice thing is that I discovered that I had already set up a solution to the language problem in “The Blood” so I must have been thinking about this possibility a long time ago. Fancy that!

tall trees and sun light from Pixabay

Writing a complicated, intertwined series is harder than most readers know. We will not rush to publication – we want this to be as right as we can get it before everyone gets their hands on #2 and starts raising questions as to why something did or did not happened. Remember that when characters are focused on one goal they often can’t see the forest cause they’re just looking at a couple of trees. It is the author’s responsibility to plant thousands of trees so the story can be a large beautiful forest. I’m just making sure I am planting the right variety of trees and undergrowth.

How do you keep track of all the little details in your series? Suggestions for methods would be appreciated.