About the Book – The Blood

I am thinking about updating the “About the Book” section on Amazon for The Blood to coincide with the upcoming release of The Balance. What do you think about the following?

Telepathic intelligent crystals known as Stones are the guardians of the Lrakiran people and when the first portion of a thousand year old prophecy comes true they choose Renloret to pilot the rescue mission to return the prophesied child, known as The Blood, to Lrakira. For it is only the blood of a five year old Lrakiran child born on far away Teramar that can save the Lrakiran people from extinction. When the rescue ship crashes on Teramar under mysterious circumstances leaving only Renloret alive he must race against time to find the child with the help of his own rescuer, Ani, her telepathic canine, Kela, and the local village sheriff, Taryn. TSB_3D-XSMALL

Renloret ignores first contact protocols and enlists the help of local people whose society and customs are eerily similar to those of Lrakira. He further breaks taboos when he finds himself falling in love with Ani. They must struggle against their mutual attraction so he can complete his vital mission. However Ani’s own issues complicate the search and Renloret must destroy Ani’s beliefs in order to save his species. In the process he will reveal the secret of Lrakira’s Stones and why the future of two worlds, Lrakira and Teramar, hang in the balance and, unknown to him, everything depends on Renloret.

2014 EVVY Fantasy - the Blood


The Blood is a great space opera about self-discovery tangled up in a prophecy deemed a fairy tale by the very people it was meant to save. This award winning science fiction/fantasy crossover is reminiscent of classic genre reads in the 1960s and 1970s “before they got harsh, cold and violent.” The Blood is a multi-category award winner placing 3rd Place in Science Fiction and 3rd Place in Fantasy in the 2014 Colorado Independent Publishers Association’s EVVY Awards.

2014 EVVY Science Fiction - The Blood

The Blood is currently available on Amazon.com [click here] in your choice of ebook or paperback. I will be running a reduced price on the ebook at the same time The Balance, the second installment of The Stone’s Blade series, which comes out in the next month or so. Keep your eyes open for that announcement. The Blood can also be found at The Tattered Cover Book Store [click here], and there are still a few copies at The Bookworm, 211 N Main St, Gunnison, CO 81230. Join the journey as Ani, Kela, Renloret, and Taryn and the people of Teramar and Lrakira discover their past and then must decide whether or not to embrace their future.

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