Something has changed

Something is changing. In the last two weeks I have been approached by several authors who have liked my reviews on various books that I have read (some I read and reviewed more than two years ago!). They liked my review of whatever book it was and they are offering free downloads of their book if I will give them a review. I am fascinated by this.

Should I have expected this? No one said that I should. I did not. It has caught me completely off guard. Amazon notifies me if someone likes one of my reviews or if someone found my review helpful, but that is all. It is they, these authors, who have reached out to me because of my writing.

I  am suddenly curious as to how I can use this to some advantage. Obviously first I should probably be careful in which books to review. I have interacted with only two of these authors so far because their books actually interest me. If the subject or genre is not of any interest I know I will not be able to review a book properly. I do try to widen my reading diversity but some subjects or genres are very low on my list.

A couple of the requests have come from authors who have written in a completely different genre than the book they liked my review of. (that is a awkward sentence – did I get the point across?). I am trying to figure out whether or not to respond to them at all. It’s like receiving a letter addressed to Mister Allen Rigg. Obviously they have not done their research – a top priority. First I am female and appreciate and expect the correct salutation. Second and probably most important spell my name correctly. If the review they liked is on a children’s book and they are asking me to review their steam punk erotica book, I am probably not going to say yes – there is a slight disconnect between the two. However, if their book is on writing and they have contacted me because of a review of a similar book then the answer is probably on the positive side.

I was surprised by the first request which came to me three weeks ago. I have since received three more requests. The realization that I have been “out there” reading, reviewing, writing, and publishing for over four years and all of a sudden I am getting attention from other authors is intriguing, unexpected, and (if I am honest) humbling. I have written things that have made an impact on someone. And they want my opinion on their book. I am honored.

At the moment my hope is that the ones I choose to read and review are decent and have something to offer me as a reader and as a writer. But something has changed and I don’t know what.

Have you experienced anything like this? Have you been asked to read and review a book because of a review you have written? How do you handle the request. Do you use the same technique and contact reviewers of books that are similar to yours and ask them to read and review your book? Should I do that?


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