allynn-riggs-author-photo-08-2016-by-dvrAllynn Riggs is passionate about writing in a variety of areas. Fiction story telling began quite young with ‘westerns’ based on imaginative play with her collection of plastic horses (which she still has!). Her nonfiction spans from animals and science to history and crafts. She has a BA in English with secondary teacher certification. She was one of eight substitute teachers for a small rural school district where she used her varied background to sub for all grade levels, K-12, and in subject areas from Art, English, Chemistry, Spanish, French, and even as the district librarian. She got to read all day when she subbed for the librarian!

Publishing credits include nonfiction articles on pronghorn, nutrition, recipes, and crafts in Falcon Magazine for Kids and Stories for Children, an online children’s magazine. For more than twenty-five years Allynn has written monthly newsletters for a regional square dance bulletin. Her articles on various aspects of the folk dances of the United States have appeared in national and international periodicals such as American Square Dance (formerly Sets in Order), Square Dancing Today, the Lloyd Shaw Foundation’s American Dance Circle (Allynn took on the position of editor for this quarterly publication in October 2016), and Callerlab’s Partner Handbook. Essays and commentaries, including “Computers, Bread and Tents” and “Just Kill the Puppy!”, offer a different side of Allynn. Portions of these and others can be found on her website www.timberdark.com.

As for ftake-a-riskiction, short stories such as “Pumpkin Party” have appeared in Stories for Children and other publications. “Pumpkin Party” was chosen for publication in the 2008 anthology The Best of Stories for Children. Science fiction/fantasy offerings include The Stone’s Blade series; book one, The Blood was published in May 2014 and is a multiple award winner. It received third place in science fiction and third place in fantasy in the 2014 CIPA EVVY Awards sponsored by the Colorado Independent Publishers Association. The Blood has received a four star review from Foreword Review in May of 2016.  Book two of the series, The Balance was published in September 2016 and in 2017 placed Second in Science Fiction in the 2017 CIPA EVVY Awards. The third book, The Blades, is nearing the end of the draft stage and will undergo several edits before publication in late 2018. The fourth book of The Stone’s Blade series, The Seventh Stone, is in the wings in outline form. Another novel, a fantasy in another world is also being outlined.



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