Name That Planet Contest deadline extended!

The deadline for entries has been extended to December 31, 2019 due to the delayed publication of the third book, which is looking more like October 2019. 😒 I’d like to give readers a chance to read The Blades and then consider their entries. I am fascinated by language and words so I am intrigued with how others might create names – especially in science fiction and fantasy so please include your reasons for your entry. If you just want a chance at a free book and your name listed, I’m okay with that!

Name That Planet Contest – This contest to decide on the name of the home world of the Stones that will appear in the fourth book, The Seventh Stone, (currently in the outlining phase). Please send your choice(s)  along with the following information:

  1. The name with proposed pronunciation.
  2. The word’s origin –
    • Is it completely made up?
    • Does it come from another language (include the meaning in that language)?
    • Is it a derivative of a word (misspelled, some letters exchanged or rearranged).
  3. Why do you think it fits in The Stone’s Blade series universe?

The winner’s name and the name of the planet will be announced in January 2020. You can enter more than one name with your entry and you can enter multiple times. Deadline for entries is December 31, 2019. This will give contestants time to get a copy of the third book and learn a bit more about the role of this third planet. Contest winner’s name and their reasoning for it will be included in the acknowledgement in the fourth book and they will receive a complimentary copy of The Seventh Stone when it is published and samples of “Melli’s” tea – seven individual tea bags, one for each of the Stones.

I hope those who enter have read at least the first two books of the series, The Blood and The Balance. Leave a reply here or email me with questions and/or your entry(ies) at Please put “Name That Planet Contest” in the subject line.

HAVE FUN! I hope to hear from you soon.

Naming contest

Help me name the origin planet of the Lrakiran and Teramaran people. I need word, pronunciation, meaning if any, is it based on known word/language or is it totally “made up”? Why you think it would fit in this universe. If I find a winner they will receive complimentary copies of book #3, The Blades coming out soon, and, of course, a copy of and recognition in book #4, The Seventh Stone. Runners ups may be used for any other character – prizes for those are being considered (re: samples of “Melli’s tea”, mugs with book covers and/or quotes from each of the books. What would you like?). You have until September 1, 2019. Ready? Begin.

Contact me here in the comments section. Please give me your first name and a good, safe, email address. Let me know if you have read the first two books of the series – that will help you.

Have fun.