Pre-release Review of The Blades!

Last month I was notified that a pre-release review of The Blades was posted on a book review site, Fresh Fiction under their Science Fiction/Romance and Science Fiction/Suspense-Thriller sections. I finally figured out how to get the specific link so here it is: The finished product is slated to come out August 1, 2019 if all goes according to plan.

THE BLADES by Allynn Riggs review ISBN-0991000242 ISBN13-9780991000241 A spectacular treat for SF fans in the third book of the quartet Reviewed by Clare O’Beara
Thank you Ms. O’Beara for your review. Now is the time you should go back and reread The Blood and The Balance to remind yourself – I promise you’ll find stuff during the reading that you probably missed that will make The Blades even better.
I will let you know the exact date of publication but we truly are aiming at August 1, 2019. Come join us on this epic adventure.