System Updates.

I very much dislike (hate is possibly too strong a word so I’m going to go with dislike) computer system updates. You have to get out of everything, and sometimes, you forget where you were once you are able to get back into whatever long list of programs, WIP, etc. that you had sitting on the lower bar that you could just click on and it would pop up and you could start working. But that lower bar is empty now and you have to go to the file/folder list to see if what you remember working on is listed. Of course one reason you can’t find the EXACT copy of what you thought you had been working on is because you’ve forgotten the actual name you gave the document or file and when you bring up those that have the most recent last modified dates they don’t look anything like what you remember. Aarrgg.

So now you have opened ALL of those and they still don’t look familiar and you feel like you have to start all over. Which, you rationalize, is probably a good thing but you’re going to reread each document anyway – maybe even print them out so you can shuffle them around until they make some sense (not really). But you do find some good stuff and you retype them onto a blank page and find a way to begin again. And you assume it will be better – until your editor sees it months from now and you have to rewrite it all anyway. Ah, the life of a writer who is only marginally adequate with all this technology, and is constantly concerned that she’s going to lose, forever, the best stuff.

So, after last night’s system update this is where I am. At the beginning, again, and I hope it is better.